Natural Stone

Nothing can surpass the timeless beauty of natural stone.  Whether your project involves garden walls, pathways, water gardens, patio or just an accent rock the fully stocked stone-yard at Long Nursery can supply your needs.

Wallstone: Wallstone can be used to build drystacked walls for fencing, small retaining walls, raised gardens, or
water ponds.


Colonial Wallstone  Fieldstone Wallstone White SandstoneWallstone


Garden Path: Garden path stones are sometimes referred to as stepping stones. They can be used to build pathways, rough faced patios, waterfalls, and as a coping for water ponds. They can also be used to form stack tiered and short step pathways.


   Laurel Mt. Steppers      Colonial Steppers    Fieldstone Steppers


Slabs/Risers:  Slabs are very large and are used in similar ways as a garden path but for larger surfaces. They can also be used for retaining walls. Risers are a more select type of slab categorized to conform to building codes.


    Colonial Step Risers     Laurel Mt. Slabs         Fieldstone Slabs

Belgium Block: Belgium Block is often referred to as Cobblestone and can be used for driveways or as an edging.

Belgium Block


Irregular Patio Stone: Irregular patio stone (standing irregular) is used for patios and wide walkways. This stone creates a random irregular shaped look.


Laurel Mt. Flagstone     Lilac Flagstone             Irregular Flagstone

Pattern Patio Stone: Patio stones are cut into specific sizes from 12”x12” to 24”x36”, in 6” increments. They can be used for patios, walkways, and pool decks.


           Patio Kit            Pattern Cut Flagstone      PA Full Color

Round Boulders: Small accent boulders that can be used for edging, stream beds, rock gardens, or water garden accents.

Garden Rounds and One Man Boulders: Decorative boulders that can be used for many general landscaping applications such as borders, accents and watergardens.


        Autumn Red           Laurel Mountain         PA River Rounds

Landscape Boulders: Our largest boulder, and sometimes referred to as a two man boulder. These boulders are mainly used in landscape applications and can be available in large sizes by special order.


   Autumn Red Boulders       PA River            Fieldstone Boulders


Water Garden: These products can be used to enhance water garden or pond areas.


   Water Garden Coping      Creek Stones           River Rounds


Delivery:  Timely delivery of palletized or bulk natural stone items is always available at Long Nursery. 


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