Mulch, Soil & Gravel

From bags to bulk, we offer quality lines of mulch, soil and soil ammendments and decorative gravel available for pick-up or delivery.


Natural Oak Bark Mulch - aged all bark mulch provides the best in weed control, moisture retention, and benefits to your plants and is
our #1 choice.

         Oak Bark Mulch                    Black Bark Mulch


          Hemlock Mulch

Dyed Hardwood Mulches
- offer color choices in an all wood mulch.


       Red Wood Mulch               Black Wood Mulch    


    Brown Wood Mulch

Playground Mulch - an all wood mulch certified for playground use.


Playground Mulch


Pine Bark Mulch - a great all bark alternative to hardwood mulches.


Topsoil - local bulk topsoil as well as processed screened topsoil.

                   Topsoil                    Top Soil with Compost

Mushroom Soil - composted mushroom soil is available for use as a top dressing or soil amendment.


                        Mushroom Soil


Decorative Gravel Bagged - river gravel is available in three colors and sizes, from pea gravel to boulders.


    MD Beach            Pocono River     MD Pea Gravel


 White Marble Chip  Terrapin Green   Red Crushed

Decorative Stone - crushed red stone is available in three sizes as a bulk item as well as many other colors and sizes in bags.


    Red Crushed Stone    

Limestone Aggregates
- this crushed stone is available in many sizes and is used in a variety of landscaping and hardscapinjg applications for bases and drainage. 


     1B & 2B Stone               2A Modified                Stonedust

Soil Ammendments & Potting Soil
along with bulk mushroom soil and compost, our bagged line includes Miracle Gro potting soil, peatmoss, as well as Master Nursery's organic line of potting soils and bumper crop soil builder along with Gardeners Gold.

- we carry various Geotextile weed barriers, weed preventers, and landscape edgings.

Landscape Fabric

- our fleet of delivery vehicles at Long Nursery provides timely delivery of bulk or bagged mulch.





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